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Digital Acupuncture Massager


Digital therapy machine is a new generation of health product made in accordance with the principles of physics, bionics, electro-biology and the theories of traditional Chinese medicine after many years of clinical experiences and development. It has not only such six simulated functions that make you have the wonderful feeling of acupuncture and moxibustion, manipulation, massage, hammering impact, practice of cupping glass and scrapping, but the unique effect of treating high blood pressure.


Applied with digital technology, this unit transfers the physical factors necessary to the human body into precise digital signals and conducts comprehensive therapy through computer based on the requirements of the body. 
It has a large LCD on which strength functions mode treating time indicating systems in both Chinese and English and a diagram showing the main and collateral channels in human body. 
It uses infrared electrode paster that covers a larger area; 
The marvelous waveform composition let you feel a sense of reality of thumping, massage, acupuncture and moxibustion. 
Can be used to instantly change the output pulse sidth so that the therapeutic effect can go deep into the skin and flesh, making you more satisfactory.
The diagram of the main and collateral LCD will indicate instructions for treatment.

10 Modes: stroke, massage, acupuncture, manipulation, scrapping, cupping, weight reducing, hypnogenesis, adust BP, immunotherapy.

Package includes: 

Digital Therapy Machines 
Pads Holder 
Healthy pads 
Connecting Cable

Battries Not Included

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